While the travel industry focuses a great deal on business stays, leisure travel is a large part of the business. It is also replete with singular guest needs that need to be met. While a guest may need a quick way to book their next business trip efficiently and cost-effectively, a guest looking for a leisure vacation may spend weeks or even months planning. Deep content, large imagery that can be explored while a guest leans back, easy ways to see unique offerings and resort comparisons are key for guests planning a leisure stay.

CLIENT / Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, SPG
ROLE / Art Direction, Design, UX Design
A website that encompassed and solved for these needs is what the SPG Resorts site is. The loyalty aspect of SPG runs through the site both visually and functionally, while the sections of the site invite a guest to sit back and explore through special resort lists, highly-rated hotels and specific brand experiences. The simple search box at the top of the site lets one immediately search for a specific location or start an exploration to discover one’s perfect resort.

This site also has an area focused on guest activities and interests during their stays. Unique spa offerings, award-winning, professional golf courses and special SPG member favorite locations let one learn the details of the various resorts they are exploring.

Property pages that feature very large imagery, social content and comparison charts are also available through the SPG Resorts site. Unique to this site too is the search results one gets shown entirely with visuals of the properties. It lets the guest scan through their possibilities purely from an aspirational viewpoint, while still allowing for simple and easy booking.