• Le Meridien Redesign

    Destination Unlocked

    Sleek, modern and full of storytelling, LeMéridien.com's editorial design depicts a gathering place for creative minds.

  • Property Page Redesign


    Recently launched for Tribute Portfolio, Sheraton and Le Meridien, this new design features a modular and flexible layout as well as showcases large photography. Using deep and detailed research, we created a solution that brought forth the most important information to our guests.

  • Design Hotels + SPG


    Utilizing our new masonry, modular template, we created a site that featured SPG's new partnership with Design Hotels. The template allowed us to feature key destinations, fresh social content, promotions, the Design Hotels story and all of the details of the relationship immediately. We overlaid this with the distinct and clean aesthetic of Design Hotels and created for guests a rich new experience.

  • Sheraton Redesign


    With a history leading back to 1937, Sheraton's new digital branding needed modernization, while retaining its foundation and integrity. We brought the new visual language and branding to life with a flexible and editorial template that let us tell Sheraton’s story through mini-vignettes and elegant design.

  • Award-Winning and Global


    A director and designer, I create fully realized and award-winning digital experiences

  • Leadership


    Become strategic and creative thinkers, not just designers and writers

  • Tribute Portfolio


    Tribute Portfolio, the latest Starwood Hotels brand, is brought to life online through a fluidly-designed, masonry layout that allows for content to update seamlessly as the brand expands. Modern type balances the classic logo and bright, beautiful photography are enhanced by a subdued and elegant color palette.

  • W Hotels Redesign


    The concept for the re-design of WHotels.com was a “living and breathing brand.” People come to W hotels for more than just their stay, they come for the latest in music, style and trends. They come for events and happenings. W Hotels represents a lifestyle and the site needed to be its manifestation.

  • SPG App for iPad


    The new SPG App for iPad app pushes the boundaries of current hospitality apps by uniting Starwood’s unique focus on design and photography, as well as both curated and real-time social content into one mobile experience.

  • Starwood Mobile Web Sites


    The Starwood sites were completely redesigned from the ground up. Content was audited and optimized and modular templates were created, allowing each brand to shine while retaining an enterprise solution.

  • SPG Redesign


    SPG provides our guests with the most comprehensive hotel guest experience of our brands. It was imperative to us as we re-designed spg.com, to ensure that this inside access was not only clearly shown to spg members, but also described clearly for new guests. A site that also was inspirational and aspirational in its every detail was also essential to the design.



A Passionate, Creative and Audacious Thinker and Leader


I am an award-winning creative director, thinker and leader. Currently I am the Digital Creative Director at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide where I lead global digital creative for its 12 brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton and St. Regis. I have over 15 years of experience creating digital experiences for desktop, mobile web, mobile apps, social media and emerging technologies. I am also a passionate leader with deep experience inspiring, leading and growing creative teams.

I have also worked with senior design teams at Apple, Google and Adobe for iOS 7, Google Glass and Adobe Creative Suite. Before Starwood, my career included designing for clients like NTT, Mattel, Disney, Universal, Franklin Covey, Variety Magazine and others. My work has also been featured in over 50 design awards and has been featured by Apple in two keynotes.


I am a designer who is passionate about great design. Achieving and upholding great design is my goal in every project I undertake. My attention to detail and emphasis on simplicity result in designs that are both beautiful and usable.


I believe that creative director means that you have to be able to create a vision and a strategy that looks beyond the obvious solutions to find the great ones. You then have to fiercely champion and defend those ideas as your team expands them and brings them to life.


The skills to being a great leader are very different than those needed to be a great designer. I strive to help my team succeed in ways they didn’t realize they could by getting in touch with their creative process and challenging them to find their own solutions.


The Crazy Ones: How to Be a Leader Who Inspires Creativity and Innovation

“The best, most inspiring session at Adobe Max. This is a talk that all creative leaders and aspiring leaders should be aware of. There is nothing, that I have heard, directed towards leaders in the creative industry that is as powerful as this session.”


Design Philosophy and Inspiration – What Inspires You?

Leaders need to focus their teams on ideas, not executions or timelines. While producing your product is imperative, ensuring that your team is idea-focused is the lifeline for your team. It is what will drive them beyond the existing solutions and into something truly great.

Teams that are deadline focused slowly become order-takers instead of individual thinkers. Teams focusing on ideas and concepts are invaluable to companies – they are the people driving the company forward to new, better and truly great solutions.


Andrew Purcell

Director of Product Experience / Starwood Hotels

I've worked with Trina for more than ten years, on numerous complex, mission-critical, digital projects. She is an exceptionally talented design professional with wide-ranging skills. As a superb designer with a deep understanding of user experience and technology, as a talented and caring manager, and as a business-oriented team leader with impeccable presentation skills, Trina has been a key player in most of Starwood's significant digital initiatives. She is also, importantly, a person of integrity who strives always to do the right thing for the team, for the business, and for the user.

David Billick

Associate Director, Channel Development / Starwood Hotels

I have been fortunate to have been a part of the majority of brands redesigns we have conducted over the years. In that time I have seen Trina’s vision and impact grow with each subsequent project. Her involvement with the brands, specifically on the web, has lent sophistication and grace to our sites. Trina’s passion for her designs is contagious and has certainly pushed us on the development side to match her amazing work.

Kim Martin Smith

Former Associate Director, Content / Starwood Hotels

Trina has many qualities that make her great at what she does: creative vision, a fantastic sense of design, deep knowledge of branding, frightening attention to detail and the ability to problem solve with the best of them. What stands out most to me, though, is the passion she brings to everything she does. Whether she’s mentoring a designer, working with the tech group or presenting to a client she always gives 110%. Always.

Susan Diana

Digital Product Manager - Brands / Starwood Hotels

As a digital product manager, there are key people in an organization I look to for guidance, both strategically and operationally. Trina has the rare ability to provide strategic vision, while also understanding how to bring those high-level ideas to fruition. I regularly look to her for direction on all types of projects, from a social connect microsite to large scale brand redesigns. Trina is a nurturing manager, an accomplished designer, and a passionate teammate. All qualities that make working with her an absolute pleasure.

Stephen Gates

Head of Design at Citi / Citi

Nothing I accomplished at Starwood would have been possible without Trina as she is the greatest creative partner I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She is the combination of a world-class designer, innovative thinker, brilliant presenter and inspirational leader. Any team should want her on the front lines of their company as she will transform their work and culture.